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Work From Home LogoLet’s keep this simple, we are here to do one thing and one thing only. That is to help you get started and be equipped as a Freelancer since you will be doing Work From Home. Whether be it through our Freelancer and Work From Home insights in our posts, the Freelance and Work From Home tutorials you’ll be reading here, or simply from the answers to your Freelancing and Work From Home questions, you are sure to learn something new, and something valuable that you can use as you come along as a Freelancer or a Home Worker.


• An Unfamiliar Beginning

It all started with having to browse Google for a blog that provides clearly everything a Freelancer or a Work at Home guy or gal would need. A valuable tool, the latest news, trends for Freelancers, those kinds of information. So we thought, “Why not make a site that offers that?”.


Not that we wanted to compete with other sites that offers that, we just want to contribute something for ourselves. Something that we can think of as giving back to the community. After all, we all started with little to no information about Freelancing at all!


Freelance Jobs Guru was Born
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From that, the Work From Home site was born!

• What you’ll be reading from now on

Just as much as when you open up your favorite browser and type in, we do hope that the next tab would be for the Work From Home! Ranging on a variety of topics, we aim to provide interesting yet insightful and helpful articles and post that can help you in your Freelancing or Working From Home venture, which we hope will turn into a full time career. That being said, be sure to check back from time to time and read our posts. I assure you you’ll find something new and helpful, one way or the other!

• Uhhhh.. What’s next?

We don’t want to delay you any further so you can now move along and read the posts here at the Freelance Jobs Guru site. But as you’re already here now, be sure to get the latest updates or if you are an email type of person( which we actually are! ) you can opt to use this to receive updates via email.

Until then, enjoy reading!

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