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5 High Paying Freelance and Work From Home Fields You Should Check Out

High Paying Freelance Jobs | Freelance Jobs Guru
Being a Freelancer has its benefits, this is certainly one of them!


More and more people are becoming aware of the freelance business. And more and more people are trying their luck in freelancing. The good news is: more companies are giving job opportunities to freelance aspirants. So, searching for a freelance job may not be that hard anymore.


Equipped with adequate skills and relevant experience, you are most likely land a high paying freelance gig. Here’s a list of some high paying job opportunities that probably suit you.


Graphic and Web Design

No matter how small or how big an organization is, they will need an expert to design, update, or fix their websites. This field is definitely one of the highest paying jobs in the world of web. This domain continues to grow and the demand for more graphic and web designers are rising.


Freelance Writing Jobs | Freelance Jobs Guru
Being a Freelance can be very profitable!


As the world of web continues to grow, the demands for writers are also growing. These people are the ones that are providing contents for websites, ebook, newsletters, online magazines, and a lot more. Salaries vary but one thing is for sure, if you have an excellent writing skill, you can earn six-figure income in this field.



If you have excellent skills in other languages, might as well try to search for this gig. Though part time, this job can still be lucrative. You can either translate an ebook to other languages or technical manuals to other languages. It doesn’t matter. What matters is this field has been predicted to have a better than average employment picture until at least 2014.



Transcriptionists are the people who convert audio files to written documents. Although you may need to have knowledge and training in medical and legal transcription, there are still other transcription jobs that do not require training or experience. For as long as you’re exceptional in spelling and grammar, and can type very fast, this job can be the best pick for you.


Marketing in the Freelance World | Freelance Jobs Guru
There are plenty of profitable opportunities for Freelance Marketers online!


These people are responsible for getting traffic to a particular website. Their task is in public relation, to promote and advertise the site. They are the people who connect with their target audience or their target market.


These are only five different freelance fields. There are still other high paying fields that you can choose from. Take note that freelancing is gaining greater popularity nowadays for a lot of reasons. And as it gained popularity, more types of jobs are being added to freelance jobs lists. Good news because that can only mean more job choices for all of us. So, just keep on searching for the perfect one for you.


But remember, whatever it maybe, for as long as you’re professional and does your work remarkably, you will surely get that high paying job you’ve always been wanting.

Will Education Bring You Success in Working From Home?

Lots of freelancers are saying that they had no formal education when they started in this industry. Amazingly, according to survey, the skills most freelancers have didn’t come from colleges or universities, or even training centers – most are self-taught. This emerges the question on whether education could easily bring you success or is it just creativity that matters?


Will Education bring you Success in Freelancing - Work from Home
What importance does Education bring in Working from Home?


To have a better conclusion on whether or not education matters in freelancing, let’s try to understand the advantages and the disadvantages of having or not having formal education when freelancing.



While doctors’, nurses’, teachers’, or engineers’ main jobs are based on what they’ve learned from formal education, most freelancers’ jobs are based on creativity. If you’re creative and have the desire to do what it takes to be successful, you no longer need a diploma or a certificate to get what you wanted. Your desire as well as your passion drives you to learn more (even on your own) to eventually build a flourishing career out of it. Besides, it wouldn’t be that hard to learn new things anymore. With the help of our today’s technology, you can easily acquire lots of knowledge just by Google-ing it – from very simple to very complicated subjects.


Formal Education to complement Working from Home - Work from Home
Formal Education is best seen in Universities and Colleges

Formal education

On the other hand, acquiring knowledge from universities or colleges or through technical training gives lots of advantages. Your instructors, professors, and your teachers, these people act as your mentors that will prepare you and take you to the next level. Yes you may be a natural creative person, but there are still some freelance jobs that require a formal education to understand the basic concepts of that certain field. And there are some clients who give value to education so much that they require a degree before they raise your rates. Besides, when you have a college degree, you simply convey the message that you’re intelligent, determined, and can get the job done no matter how complicated it may seem.


Summing it All Up..

So, does education matter in freelancing? Answer is a yes, and a no. Yes as having a degree is always a good thing. It’s something that you can always be proud of no matter what type of job you have, or wherever you are, or even as you grow old. Education gives you a much wider options on how you can be more successful in your chosen field or in any type of job. It gives you confidence as you have proof that you can take on a lot of challenges. Having a degree is like a differentiating factor for the clients; it builds trust and gains respect easily.


The experience itself is enough reason why Formal Education is indeed Important!

No as not having a degree does not mean you’re uneducated and doesn’t know things a degree holder know. If you’re serious enough of getting to the top and does not easily give up, then not having a formal education could even stop you of building your freelance career. Just carrying out a job and carrying it out so well is already enough to earn trust and gain a lot of respect from the client even without a degree.


Actually, this topic is broad where both parties (self-taught and formal education) each have a point. But it always ends up to this: a degree leads you to lots of open doors of opportunities, but it’s still the quality of your work that will keep you longer in this industry.

Typical Reasons Why Work from Home Freelancers Fail

Reasons Why Work from Home Freelancers Fail - Work from Home
Failure in Working from Home can be Frustrating

Since we work in one industry, we’re possibly facing the same dilemmas and challenges about our careers no matter what type of field we’re currently into. However, not all freelancers have the same luck as that of the other when it comes to surviving in this business. Some managed to be successful while others fail. Let’s take a look at these typical reasons why there are some who failed in freelancing.



Freelancing doesn’t always mean overflowing workloads. In our industry, there are lots of glorious days, but there could also be some bad days. Even the most successful freelancer had experienced slow period. However, that successful freelancer didn’t stop and didn’t get discouraged in those tough times. Instead, he made a consistent effort and determination no matter how bad the situation is.


Too much work

Whenever you hear a fellow freelancer had an incredibly high weekly earning, you somehow feel the urge to achieve the same amount on your next week’s pay. So, what you’ll actually do is push yourself to the limit and work as hard as you can, and work for much longer hours to have a bigger pay. In the process of doing this, you might be forgetting the balance between your work and your personal life. Yes, you will achieve your goal for a higher pay for this week, but too much work will eventually tire you which eventually leads to burnout. And when you’re burned out, you know that you’ll lose the initiative and the motivation to work, don’t you? When that happens, the more you’ll be not earning anything like you wished to.


Undervalued Service in Working from Home - Work From Home
Your Efforts should always be Well Compensated!

Undervalued service

Because of your strong desire to get a gig as soon as possible, you tend to accept every gig that comes your way even if the rate is far too low than your usual rate. This move may satisfy your need to land a gig – for now. But, in the long run, you may feel that it’s not worth it. So, you’ll feel unmotivated and may lose more your desire to work harder.


Perfectionism and Procrastination

Imagine you’ve already finished a project, however, when you checked it again it seems that it isn’t the perfect project you wanted. So, what you’ll do is you’ll start all over again. Though it’s good to always think of a perfect result for a project, too much of it just leads to procrastination and time being wasted. Always remember that your success as a freelancer depends on how productive you have been. It’s really not a matter of over doing a certain task to make it perfect; it’s a matter of how useful the finished product would be for your client.


Freelancing requires not just a pc and an internet connection; a freelancer needs to have a strong discipline and a lot of hard work. Nobody became successful in freelancing overnight; everyone had gone through the rough road, too. But these successful freelancers managed to be successful because of their attitude. By allowing some mistakes to happen, you’ll get to learn and discover better ways to succeed.

Simplest Ways to Keep a Client for a Lifetime

As a freelancer, you’ve already made a lot of effort to get the clients you currently have. And, the last thing you would want to happen is to let them have second thoughts of your services and look for another freelancer for their tasks. However, the reality strikes in: competition is tough and you can’t always guarantee that your clients won’t go anywhere else.


Busy Clients in Action, That's where Freelancers came In | Freelance Jobs Guru
Clients always notes your Performance, so be Sure to do a Good one!

This is because just like you, your clients are busy individuals taking care of their business and a lot of other things. So, anything that would slow them down and will make their lives more difficult will leave a bad impression that won’t just easily go away. A messy and incomplete work, carelessness about the deadline, and a consistent re-work will draw your chance of having an ongoing business with your current clients.


On the other hand, great attention to detail (even those small finishing touches), and a consistent excellent work shows your dedication towards your job, thus giving your clients a positive perception about you. Once your clients trusted you, your career will grow as their business grows, too.


So, here are the simplest ways to capture your clients’ hearts and make them yours for the longest period of time.


Work beyond

To keep a client for life, make moves that will consistently exceed his or her expectations and always provide service that are more than just par. Your client will sure set a criteria for every task that he’ll ask you to do. So, always searching for ways to improve your service will not just impress him, it’ll attract him to stick with you even for a lifetime.


Always Deliver in your Freelancing Work | Freelance Jobs Guru
Always Deliver in your Freelancing Work!

Make sure to deliver

When you say a word, mean it. It’s always tempting to give a promise that will make you look “the greatest”. But, that’s a great risk if you’re not able to deliver. So all the other effort you made to keep your client will be just useless. It would be better to develop an accurate estimate timeline for a project so you can deliver on time and your reputation stays golden.



Communication is the key to any harmonious relationship – including your clients. Communicating with them on a regular basis enables both of you to express your concerns and ideas, and to talk about the progress of your project. Remember, lack of communication leads to missed deadlines, unsatisfactory work, and of course, deteriorated relationship between you and your client.


When it comes to establishing a binding relationship between you and your client, you’ve got to provide them every reason to stick with you forever. Your clients trusted you to work on their business so better make them feel that they’ve made the right move. Your dedication and passion will definitely build a strong bond with your client. So, the bottom line is: work professionally, proficiently, and work with integrity to impress your clients at all times.

Are You Proud being a Freelancer and in Working from Home?

Is Freelancing Something not to be Proud of?
Ask yourself, are you proud being a Freelancer?

Many people are now aware of online freelancing; how it works, and how a freelancer gets paid. However, there are still some individuals who don’t quite understand everything about this industry. These few people think that freelancing isn’t a real job, thus starting a freelance career is such a ridiculous idea.


To begin with, how does everyone else define a “real job” anyway? Is it real if you have regular work hours; if it’s something with a position and an exact job title, and if it’s anything that earns a regular pay? Well, that’s how lots of people define real jobs – something practical and steady.


That’s probably why lots of people still wears an “indifferent” look on their faces when you tell them about your job as a freelancer. They can’t believe that you’re actually earning even while at home. They might not believe you when you tell them that “you really are working”. And this certain reactions of some people somehow made you doubt if a freelance career is something not to be proud of.


The truth is there are a lot of things about freelancing that you can be proud of. Freelancing, like any other job, is a real job. You also have workloads, you’re also earning, and it also needs some respect. The only thing that makes it different is that you’re free; you can work anytime you want for as long as you finish a project and you can work anywhere for as long as there is an internet connection. And you don’t have to convince people over and over again that work can also be something other than working in a cubicle. They will just keep on nagging you to find a “real job” anyway so why waste your time to make them understand what you really do?


Freelancing Work is actually "Work" in and of itself!
Never feel down being a Freelancer, be Proud being one!

Yes it’s annoying when a lot of people still think that what you do is just a fad in the internet. They still don’t quite get it that freelancing is an industry. But, does it really matter? Does their “acknowledgement” on the kind of job you have will make a big difference? Not exactly, right? What people may say about you and your freelance career doesn’t really matter for as long as you know the truth and you’re happy. It’s actually them who’s unfortunate not to be aware of this business coz they’ve already missed their chance of earning big bucks just like you.


So, writing an article, creating a web page, doing a lot of work so your site can rank number 1, these things should be enough to remind you that you’re actually working and have a “real job” indeed. Yes, you may be doing all these “inside” the house, but the result is pretty much the same like that of a person working outside; and with regards to earnings, it can actually be three times more compared to what a lot of people call a “real job”.

Are You Thinking of The Next Step in Your Freelance and Work from Home Career?

When you’re working in a corporate world, your career path is pretty much uncomplicated; you’ll just be working a little harder to get a promotion and climb swiftly to the top. On the other hand, when you’re freelancing, you’re career path can be pretty much unclear. Thinking that you’ve been in the freelance industry for a while and have developed different sets of skills and have gained a lot of clients so, what’s next?


Are You Thinking of The Next Step in Your Freelance Career? | Freelance Jobs Guru
Thinking out of the box also applies in Freelancing!

Being a freelancer is quite not easy. There’s no time off at exactly 5 p.m. and probably no day off for this week (especially now that the deadline’s coming). Most likely, you spend each day in front of your computer, finishing your client’s project. But, have it ever crossed your mind that there are other paths in freelancing besides serving your client? Check out other freelance paths listed below that you may want to take in the future:

Your own product

This can be a web application or a phone application you may want to develop. You may start to work on this by doing an intensive research and by building a good client relationship wherein you can market your products. Though this option may require a whole lot of skills, it’ll at least be easy to double your income in the future.


Your own agency

If “saying no” to a project is the hardest part of freelancing for you, then accept all the projects coming in and hire people to do those projects. Set up an agency that’ll employ individuals and at the same time, earn by means of commission. However, this career path will require you to be very responsible on paying those you employed on a timely and fair manner.


With enough Network of Freelancers, You can even start an Agency! | Freelance Jobs Guru
With your own Agency, you can be a step above being your own Boss as a Freelancer!


Other job opportunities

Not all freelancers see themselves freelancing forever. There are some who are freelancing because they wanted to earn while taking their masters degree, then after graduation, they’re planning to go somewhere else to pursue a career. And there are also some who are freelancing just to gain experience, but are still planning to work in a corporate world. This option is okay especially if what you really wanted is a regular on and off time (9 am to 5 pm only period).


Being Happy in Freelancing | Freelance Jobs Guru
If you're happy with Freelancing, there's no harm in Sticking with it!

Stay with Freelancing

If you have been freelancing for quite a long time, you’ll be aware of the pros and cons of this industry – and got used to it. You may have not wanted to take other career paths (that may require lots of skills and a big responsibility) as you’re already comfortable how the freelance system works. This career path is just fine especially if the flexibility of freelancing is what you mostly loved; anyway you can increase rate over time and if you’ve already became an expert in your field.


Though changing career paths is not an easy work to do, having at least a goal will give you all the reason to work hard to be able to grow and move forward. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in wherever you are right now; you also wanted to earn more and build a much bigger career. So, think of which career path you would want to take. And if you decide to take one, make sure that path will make you satisfied and earns more than what you’re making now.

A Successful Freelancer’s Mentality

Success in Freelancing depends on the Freelancer's Mentality | Freelance Jobs Guru
Success in Freelancing depends on the Freelancer's Mentality

Every freelancer has a goal that we all wanted to achieve, maybe after a couple of years or months of freelancing. Goals are like “gasoline”, it’ll keep a car engine’s running. Just like your goals, it’s what keeps you going to continue freelancing.


So, what can you do to achieve your goals? In order to achieve it, you must have the right mentalities of a “true” freelancer. Mentalities that’ll help you grow without stepping on someone else (or should we say without pulling someone else down). Here are some of those mentalities you should learn that could bring your career to success:


You’re Your Own Teacher

First off, you’re aware that you’re freelancing, right? That means, you’re your own boss, your own finance department, your own human resource department, and most importantly, you’re your own teacher. Always remember that, there may be some people who’ll somehow teach you the basics, but the rest, you’ll have to learn it on your own. You cannot expect your fellow freelancer to always be there whenever you need him as he’s also trying to learn something new just like you (for sure). You’re a freelancer; no one will be responsible for your success or your failure but you.


Value of Positivity

It’s nothing but common for freelancers to experience the downsides of this industry (like famine, losing a big contract, etc). There maybe times that you’re feeling low because of having no work and all, which brings you (most likely) to giving up your career. That’s actually not quite the positive attitude to approach that. Yes, competition maybe is high, and your self-esteem’s low (for now), but that’s still not reasonable enough to give in so easily. Think that this is just a challenge that you’ll surpass. Always listen to your inner voice that tells you to at least take a glimpse of the positive side to have a reason to fight.


Keep Smiling Freelancer, Always Stay Positive! | Freelance Jobs Guru
Keep Smiling Freelancer, Always Stay Positive!


The Desire to be The Best

Again, competition is tough in freelancing. There are too many people who also know how to do what you can do. But, why would you compete with everybody else when your greatest competition is yourself? Always try to do more today compare to what you did yesterday. If you know that you’re a “good” designer, don’t just settle there; aim to be the “best” everyday. Keep in mind that success is being measured with a constant progress, not just a one time big time hit.


Dedication to Work, Time is of the Essense | Freelance Jobs Guru
Dedication to Work can mean a lot of Things, more so with the Freelancer's Time!

Dedication to Work

Dedication could also mean love and respect. There’s an old adage that says “Give love and respect to others so they can love and respect you as well” (or something like that). Same goes with your work. Love and respect your work by devoting your time and your effort to finish a project before the deadline, respecting your client, and providing a high quality work. In turn, it’ll love and respect you back by giving you a constant work, a high income, and more clients. If you’ll just keep on whining on how hard your work is, you’ll just end up with an unmotivated work day that could tend to have a low quality work results.


Success isn’t easy and may require a lot of hard work. In fact, nobody became successful without putting too much effort to achieve it. However, with the proper mentality, focus, a lot of discipline, and a big ambition, success may not be easy, but it’s just within your reach.

5 Reasons Why You Should Share your Freelance Knowledge

We’re all aware that as freelancers, you’ll possibly conduct much more tasks than simply developing and designing a website, writing, producing quality content, or whatever it is that you’re doing to earn income. You’d be too busy and too stressed with your own work that gives you a little amount of spare time which you would want to spend (of course) on other things. So, sharing knowledge will probably stay at the bottom of your to do list.


Sharing is caring too even in the Freelancing World | Freelance Jobs Guru
Sharing is caring too even in the Freelancing World!


In fact, in today’s world, kindness and unselfish concerns are not very common anymore. You’ll probably ask yourself first (like: “why would you share something that you learned all by yourself, and to think that you put too much effort to gain that knowledge?”) before even thinking of sharing it to others. However, sharing what you know will probably be useful for everyone else. Would you consider sharing your knowledge? Before you answer no to this question, read the following first:


Advertisement, more so Free, is great for a Freelancer | Freelance Jobs Guru
Advertisement, more so Free, is great for a Freelancer for further exposure!

Free advertisement

Before you burst into anger that someone has copied your “masterpiece”, think that the person is actually giving you a big favor. That’s like free marketing on your side because every time people looked at that person’s work, they’ll think of the original maker, which is you. Besides, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The person who copied your work must have liked it a lot, and somehow got inspired with it. That could only mean one thing – you’re doing an exceptional job!


You’re broadening your connections

Remember that the more people you deal with today, the more connections you’ll have in the future. You’ll never know what will happen to those people who you taught to design a website or to those whom you gave tips on how to write; they might have their own businesses someday. And of course, you’ll be the first on their list to get their businesses done when that happens.


It’s a big community

Freelance community is a large community. Yes, there’s an issue of “famine” among freelancers, but that doesn’t mean that there’ll be no more job opportunities anymore. There are millions of clients in the world. Don’t refrain yourself from teaching others (especially the newbies) what you know just because of competition. There’s a lot of room for every one, just enough to cater us all.


Build Connections with the Community, not Competition | Freelance Jobs Guru
Build Connections with the Freelancing Community, not Competition!


Boosts your self-esteem

Normally, we all like being told how great we are in our field, like a “web master”, a “guru”, a “rockstar”, and a lot more. When you teach others what you know, you’ll hear a lot of these things for sure. And what does it do? It boosts your confidence which will make you happier and more inspired to do a lot better.


When You Give Something, You're Bound to Receive Something in Return | Freelance Jobs Guru
When You Give Something, You're Bound to Receive Something in Return

It’s give and take

When you share knowledge with everyone else, you’ll get the same gesture in return. Let’s admit it, you’re not a “super freelancer” that knows everything from anything. Remember, a freelancer possibly needs multiple set of skills; so sharing your skills with someone is a good way of learning new set of skills (on your part).


Sharing knowledge is risky (someone might steal your concept or your ideas before you can even do it). It’s also unfair (coz you’ve experienced those sleepless nights just to learn that trick!). There can be a lot more reasons why NOT to share what you know. But remember, we’re in the world of freelancing, where everyone has a wealth of knowledge to offer. If you kept yours inside the box, that knowledge will be just worthless.


Procrastination: “The Villain in Every Freelancer and Home Worker’s Career”

Time is very important for the busy Freelancer | Freelance Jobs Guru
Having full control of your time paves way to Procrastination too!

We all know that as a freelancer, you have the advantage of working anytime you want. But sometimes, this advantage is working against you and is causing your stress and lowers down your productivity. People are naturally lazy; and when we feel it, we tend to procrastinate.


Among all other problems a freelancer has to deal with is procrastination. It is one of the biggest time wasters in anyone’s life. When you procrastinate, you waste away all the precious available time you’ve got and defer all the important tasks you should be doing until it’s too late. And when that happens, you panic (that causes stress) and wished you started sooner. So, we’ve listed few ways on how to beat procrastination in order to make you more productive:


Get a Motivation

If you find it really hard to get started, then think of your motivation. It’s normal for a person to feel uneasy and not in the mood at times, but your motivation will help you boost your energy and enthusiasm in order to get started to work. So, look for something that will keep you motivated as it’s a great way to ascertain that you’re making progress on your project.


Break Freelance projects into smaller pieces | Freelance Jobs Guru
Breaking projects into pieces makes it easier than tackling it as a whole!

Break It Into Smaller Pieces

Another reason of procrastination is a project that seems to be too huge and overwhelming. Part of our subconscious mind tells us that it’s too difficult to accomplish. So, what you can do is to break down the project into portions such as researching, drafting the content, etc. This way, you can focus on one part at a time. By changing the way you look at a certain project can avoid the lure of delaying it.


Have a System

If you have a week or a month for a project, don’t look at it as you have lots of time to finish it. You need to have a system and an actual timeline on how much time you would spend everyday to finish the project. Don’t delay it and think that you can do a rush job at the end anyway. That will just not work because a project done in a rush has a sloppy outcome – which can ruin your reputation and lose a client.


Procrastination is the principal problem for all of us actually. But, it’s a major problem for freelancers because your income depends on the production of quality work in a timely manner. So, don’t let the procrastination monster manipulate you. Instead, create a conscious action over procrastination so you can build the successful life you wanted as a freelancer.

How to Deal with Famine in the Freelancing and Working from Home World

Famine in the Freelancing World | Freelance Jobs Guru
Unemployment is a problem in Freelancing too!

Here at Freelance Jobs Guru, our mission is to give you some tips and simple ways on how to survive as a freelancer. We try to tackle what we feel are every freelancers’ concerns. Today, as freelance community continues to grow, the most dreaded topic freelancers try to avoid is the word “famine”. But, what exactly is famine?


Wikipedia defined famine as a widespread scarcity of food which usually followed by malnutrition, starvation, etc. But as freelancers, we define it as scarcity of jobs and of course, income. This phenomenon can happen to any freelancers because we often deal with uncertainties (as to workload and income). There’ll be a period of heavy workloads, and a period of very few workloads – or possibly none at all.


It’s normal for a freelancer (especially beginning freelancers) to get into panic whenever the thought of “no job opportunities” sink in. Luckily, there are things that you can do to prevent famine from happening. Below are some tips on how to avoid “standing in the corner waiting for work – and money”.


Search for more Freelancing Gigs | Freelance Jobs Guru
Searching for More Gigs gives you security as a Freelancer

Search for more

A lot of freelancers tend to be so comfortable with their current client that they forget, or didn’t want to spend even just a couple of hours to search for a new gig. Though long term gig is less stressful, searching for few more will give more security in case your current one drops out. Continually marketing yourself even when you have plenty of work ensures you that there’ll always be potential clients knocking on your door.


Save your income

Since you’re pretty much unsure of when famine will occur in your freelance career, it’s better if you save for the rainy days while you’re still experiencing feast times (having too much work). The thought of having enough money will give you security and will keep you focused even when the dry period comes in.


Secure small and big projects

Have big projects that pays high, but try to keep small ones that offers long term work even if they pay a little low (but not as low as $0.30 an hour, okay?). This way, when the big ones has finally slow down, there’s always a small one that you can fall back while searching for a big one again.


Don't lose hope and have a little faith | Freelance Jobs Guru
Having faith and not losing hope is important in Freelancing!

Have a little faith

It’s undeniably frightening when it feels like there would be no available jobs anymore (especially if freelancing is your bread and butter). But, you should never lose your faith in the system and of course, yourself. For as long as we live in the world of web, there will always be a job out there for you.


Our life as freelancers goes through a feast-famine cycle. One day you’re too busy, and then another day you’re empty. It’s a common thing to easily get discouraged when you don’t find any work for a while. But, remember that this is just a cycle, things will certainly turn around. No matter how bad the situation may seem, if you’re confident with your strengths and abilities, bad luck won’t last too long, and you’ll be just fine.