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Freelance Jobs Guru Now Has A Wider Horizon – Welcome, Work From Home!

We are thrilled to announce that after few months of giving you helpful tips on freelancing, FreelanceJobsGuru has a new look! We are very excited about this change as the new concept aims to provide useful tips to a much wider audience. This time, it will not just focus on freelancing, but everything about work from home.


Work From Home Logo


Work From Home wish to involve more people, not just freelance writers or programmers or graphic designers, but everyone who might be interested in working and earning from home. And though the site may have few changes with its look and concept, its goal is still very much the same as we first started – that is to provide you with interesting and informative articles every time you visit.


So, if it’s about freelancing, any work from home job tips, making money online, or even just some useful tips to turn your hobby into a business, we’re still the same bunch of guys that you can rely on to give you the information you wanted. With our site’s new look and a much wider range of topics, we’re pretty sure that you’ll all enjoy reading different new information that you can actually use in building your career or your own business at the comfort of your homes.

The Great Freelance Collaboration Project | Part 1

Let’s face it, even if you have years and years of experience being a Freelancer, you still started somewhere, with a specific job, with certain skills and knowledge, with or without any help from your Freelancer friends or colleagues, and with little to no information about Freelancing at all! That being said, it’s always a nice and rewarding experience to reminisce and look back from where you started, for that was the time you’re most grateful for since you won’t be where you are right now if it weren’t for that particular beginning.

Freelancing - We All Started Somewhere
Freelancing - We All Started Somewhere


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Work From Home is Alive and Kickin’!


I know what you are thinking right now, though I’m here to give you an honest and straight answer……


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Welcome to Freelance Jobs Guru!


We just went live and more than excited to share our vision with you! :)