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How to Earn Money at Home

I’ve been working from home for well over a decade now, so it would be tough to move back into a corporate environment. However, working from a home office isn’t for everyone and while there are some huge advantages, there are some drawbacks as well.

I’ve had a number of employees over the years, some who blossomed from home, and some who flamed out, and often the difference is all about mindset. Over the years, and particularly recently, I’ve found a set of tools that make working from home much more productive. In fact, I’m likely better equipped in my home office now than most are in their corporate headquarters.  

The big plus is no commute. I get up, get dressed walk down a short hall, and I’m in the office. This is my space, I’m comfortable, secure, can start as early or work as late as I want, and I’m personally securing my stuff. In addition, being at home actually turned out to be rather important to my neighbors as I was able to stop a couple of home invasions at other residences because I was around while everyone else wasn’t.   Finally, you can avoid all of the little distractions like stories of weekend activities, gossip, folks who can’t talk quietly on their phones (I’m one of them) — and then there’s the office drama that you don’t have to deal with.

You are disconnected, that’s good if you are good self-driver, but it is bad if you need to be pushed. In addition, out of sight is out of mind, making it harder to get promotions and raises. You are more likely to be laid off or fired (far easier to fire someone over the phone), and your home has its own distractions, which can be worse than the ones in the office.

There could be misperceptions too, even though you may be kicking butt, your boss may think you are kicking back. Finally, CEOs have a habit of cancelling work-at-home benefits and a lot of folks find they can’t commute anymore because of kids, distance or other personal issues that made working at home ideal for them.

In short, there are more ways to become unemployed when you work at home, so I’d recommend not doing this early in a career. I’d also suggest you avoid having both spouses taking this route at the same time to help assure both of you don’t lose your jobs in the same window. By the way, on this latter, both spouses working at home can actually put a lot of stress on a marriage, but it’ll better prepare you for retirement. I’ve seen a number of marriages come apart late in life during the retirement phase because the spouses find they can’t stand each other for more than short periods of time.

Ooma Business: This VoIP phone system has been a godsend especially when we moved and were able to take our numbers with us to another state. The nice thing about VoIP systems is they can work anyplace and our initial plan was to take this between homes while we had two of them (owning two homes became more pain than pleasure). Oh, and VoIP calls are mostly free.

Panasonic KX-TG9581: Finding the right phone system is important as well. Ooma has phones getting a key system and tying it the Ooma resulted in a more robust solution.   What makes this Panasonic different is it is a tow line wireless system with a decent desk phone base station that will take a Plantronics headset. It’ll also take up to four cell phones so you can have your smartphone on the charger and take the call on your office phone with that headset if you want. It will also handle up to 12 wireless remote handsets so even if you have wandered away from your office you can answer as if you are in it.

Everybody Gets To Work From Home Ideas


LOUIS — As children across the area are back in school, there’s a website helping stay-at-home moms head back to work! helps stay-at-home moms work from home. It was established last August, and touts itself as a website “connecting …

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Let’s face it: long commutes, office politics, and the nine-to-five grind are quickly becoming obsolete. According to a recent report, fifty-three million Americans (34 percent of the U.S. workforce) work from home as freelancers and home-based

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Employees who work from home can save companies in retention rates, office overhead and lost productivity on sick days. While this is an example of how the economy has and will continue to shift, this shift comes with the unexpected challenges that

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Here are the best excuses to ‘work from home’ according to the internet crowd


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5 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working From Home

“How will work and places of work evolve one day?” was the question that notion leaders tried to answer during the worldwide Wellbeing Institute roundtable meeting held on July 15 at Day-to-day Wellness’s headquarters in NY City. Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of the global Well Being Institute, and Renee Moorefield, PhD, and CEO of Knowledge Works, co-moderated the roundtable of authorities from scientific, business, Wellbeing, science, research and media specialties. The authorities agreed that more men and women are working remotely, in particular within digital industries.

With about three.three million Americans telecommuting, the new office is out-of-the-place of work. Causes contributing to the rise of telecommuting incorporate an multiplied availability of remote job possibilities, and more applied sciences allowing for far flung work. Whether you experience working from home or not, there are some emotional and physical Wellbeing benefits, like diminished stress and a greater work-lifestyles steadiness. But with the upward thrust in telecommuting comes extra challenges for industry leaders to hold their employees healthful and completely happy.

Working remotely has distinctive advantages for special men and women, Whether Or Not it’s a Millennial who desires more bendy work hours, or an aging worker who prefers the convenience of working from house. Some ways employers can enhance the Wellness and good-being of their far off employees comprise:

1. Furnish suitable work gear. Few firms Furnish equipment for their cell group of workers, says James Brewer, a workspace advisor at Steelcase. Yet creating an ergonomic procedure — designing a workspace to first-class match workers and maximize productivity — can aid avoid harm in people with desk jobs. Practice good ergonomics with these worthwhile hints.

2. Outline work-lifestyles boundaries. In our 24/7 culture, it’s commonly problematic to log off, and our bodies could endure on account that of it. study has proven that stress impacts emotional and bodily Wellness and might exacerbate back affliction, depression and gastrointestinal problems.

business leaders will have to encourage workers to make break day a precedence, and unplug after specific business hours, say the experts. Managers can do that via developing blackout periods the place workers don’t seem to be required to respond to emails or calls.

3. Recall the one of a kind “likes” of employees. All staff are different. Some Millennials may just wish to be linked 24/7, even as others decide upon logging off. employees working in special areas of the arena also have distinctive Wellbeing and Well Being expectations.

Mim Senft, Wellbeing director for Plus One Wellbeing Administration at Optum, says she’s found that employees in London are more serious about mindfulness, whilst workers in India focal point on monetary Wellbeing. Managers can aid their workers stay healthy through remembering that each employee is extraordinary and may thrive with distinctive Wellness ambitions.

4. Lead by means of illustration. The authorities agreed that accelerated Wellness and Well Being most likely begins at the high. Wellbeing will have to be engrained in company culture, and leaders must set the illustration. Every Day Wellbeing, for illustration, has created a brand new policy where workers can take a Wellbeing Day and pledge to get whatever scan, checkup, or screening they’ve been postponing, or simply take the day to mentally reboot.

5. Make physical exercise a priority. The U.S. has been positive in Health areas like stress Management and tobacco cessation, However falls quick on the subject of bodily pastime, says Michael Roizen, MD, chief Wellbeing officer at Cleveland Health Facility in Ohio. Actually, most effective 20 percentage of yankee adults get the recommended quantities of both cardio and muscle-strengthening exercise, in line with the U.S. Centers for Ailment Control and Prevention (CDC). Reap the Health advantages of endeavor by way of determining a lunchtime walk, a yoga session together with your spouse, or a quick 5-minute exercise.


Why Normal People Can’t Make Money Online

This might disappoint people but most people will not make any money online.

It’s a fact.

1000s of people every single day come online looking to make some money. Some of them will make a few dollars, others will make $100s. The majority will not make a cent. In fact they will actually lose money because of all the products and courses they end up buying.

So why is this the case? Is there some kind of secret they don’t know about? Are they just cursed with bad luck.

Let’s start by looking at someone’s skills. Most products and courses will want you to believe that no talent or skill is required at all to make money online. They want you to think that you can press a button and the income magically drops from the sky. This doesn’t work like that. I don’t care what kind of business you’re in, every business requires a good deal of work, effort, and some kind of skill to be able to do the work.

Does that mean you have to be born with that skill? No way!

The skills you need to work from home successfully come from training and experience.

Let’s say you want to run a simple website that promotes affiliate products and you get paid a commission every time someone visits your site, clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product you’re promoting. It’s an easy enough system to have setup. However, when you look closer, there’s a lot of skill and talent required to make this business work.

First you need to be able to write properly. This might shock you, but not everyone can write well. In most cases they haven’t written anything like an article since they were in school. So how do you actually write these product reviews or articles? What if their mother tongue isn’t even English? Yes, you can outsource article writing, but for most people to have a full-blown site up with a lot of content, that’s going to cost a lot more than what they’re willing to spend at this time.

Let’s back track a little and look at what happens before you even start writing. You need to know how to do keyword research and niche research. This takes specific skills as well. You definitely want to know more about your niche, the problems and frustrations, as well as where people are spending the most money, so you can get a piece of it. Nobody is really born with this kind of talent. It comes from training.

Now these skills can be easily gained by going through some basic training, but there’s still one thing that holds most people back: work ethic. A lot of people are just not prepared to put in the work required to make money from home. Sure, when they’re asked they’ll say they want to succeed and they’ll do whatever it takes, but when it comes down to it, they quit. They never give themselves the time to truly make a success out of it.

They want it to be easy, and expected it to be easy to work from home and make money online. Sure some of this comes down to the sales pages claiming how easy it is to make money from home. They make it sound so simple, when in reality, it’s not. That’s the truth about making money online; regardless of what anybody says, or claims, about how easy and effortless it is, it takes time, effort, work and dedication. If it really was easy, everybody would be a success.

Most people don’t have the discipline to really be successful making money online – but because you’re reading this, you and I both know that’s not the case with you, is it?

I want you to succeed, and I know you want to succeed as well.

So get started on your journey to success here.

How To Start A Janitorial Business In 7 Easy Steps

There are a lot of reasons for starting your own janitorial business, obviously one of them is to make as much money as possible.

How much money you actually make though depends on what kind of business you actually want. It could be a one person operation where you setup shop at home, and service the areas around you. Or you could setup a commercial office and hire people to work for you.

Regardless of which direction you want to take, here are 7 easy steps you need to take to get started.

1. Decide on what services you will offer

What kind of janitorial services will you offer? Will you specialize in carpet cleaning only, or cleaning ceilings only? Or will you be a general janitor who does a bit of everything?

2. Pricing your services

If you’re not really sure how much you should be charging for your services, the easiest way to do this is to checkout your competitors. Call them up (obviously don’t tell them you want to get in the business as well), and find out exactly what services they’re offering and how much they’re charging. Call several competitors to get a good price range. This will help you decide how much you should be charging as well.

3. Figure out your startup costs

You will need to invest some initial capital for your tools, materials, transport, advertising, insurance, registering your business etc. Write down a list of all the essential items you need, and find out how much each item costs. Once you’ve got all the information you need, that’s your total startup costs.

4. Register your business

Registrations are different for every state, so you should check with your local commerce association. But basically you need to register a business name as well. So think of an appropriate name for your business. You can use your own name, or think of a creative name that resonates with the people in your area.

5. Learn the zoning regulations of your area

Some zoning regulations actually prohibit home businesses in a community, so you need to make sure you’re doing the right thing if you’re working from home. check with your local council for the zoning laws for your community.

6. Tell your friends and family

You need to get the word out about your new businesses. Offer to do some work for them in exchange for some referrals.

7. Get paying clients

Obviously this is essential. Contact some local organizations to introduce your services, run ads in your local newspapers, tell your neighbors, tell as many people as you can. Get the word out.

It might be slow going initially, but the more marketing you do early on, the more clients you will end up getting.

Click here if you want to find out more about starting a janitorial business from home.

One Major Reason Why Most People Don’t Make Money Online

Without doubt one of the big factors that keeps people from truly succeeding and making real money online is procrastination.

Most people just put things off so much that they never really get anything done. They just wait for a perfect time to get started, or they wait for something magical to happen for them. That’s not how you work from home successfully.

You need a plan and a schedule to keep you on track with that plan. You need to know what needs to be done, and then make the time to actually go and do them. No matter how much you feel like procrastinating, you absolutely must do something each day that will move you closer to achieving your income goals.

Have you ever done this:

The night before you make a list of the things you need to do the next day. You wake up bright and early, ready to get started, but something distracts you. Something pulls you away, so you go and do that. Then something else comes up, and you spend time attending to that.

All of a sudden you’ve had dinner, and you just want to settle in for the night. Only you’ve realized you haven’t done anything you were supposed to do.

You procrastinated.

I’m sure you’ve done it, I have, we all have.

Although procrastination may seem to be a easy concept and even innocuous, it can really result in some grievous issues. So even though we generally just laugh it off and make it a joke…when the success level you want isn’t being reached it’s no longer a laughing matter.

Why is it? Why do we always leave things to later?

I think a major reason for this is the lack of a plan. You need a solid plan to work towards. You need a goal that you want to achieve. Why do you want to work from home? Why do you want to make money online?

These should be questions you already have the answers for, but they shouldn’t be to “make heaps of money” or to “quit your job”.

Hey that sounds great but the only trouble with this sort of goal setting is that you have no action steps set into place as to how you’re going to get to the sought after goal you just set. The way I see it, you essentially just spoke out or wrote down a dream that you have. You didn’t set a goal. Goals are action steps that lead you to the sought after end result.

Goal setting is something that a lot of new entrepreneurs seem to battle with.

Most of it comes down to having the right kind of training and guidance.

If you truly are looking to make money online, may I advise that it’s time that you alter some of your habits, and live the life you deserve!

So click here if you’re ready to be shown the right way to make money online.

Start a business for New Year

Are you ready to make good money this coming year? The New Year could be the ideal time for you to earn good money online and become successful; it is a year for business. This is the perfect time to revisit your short and long term goals that are realistic and measurable. Take your time to reflect on the past success and failure you have had .Write what you intend to achieve this coming year and how you intend to achieve them and if starting a business is part of your of your plan, you are certainly in the right place. Please read on.

 Before deciding to start a business, find out the right business for you. If you want to do it on a part time basis, go for a business that does not need a lot of energy, since you’ll already be tired from the other activities you do. A good business to try in this case is an online business, since you’ll only be doing it on a full time basis may be a good idea since you’ll have all your energy directed towards the business.  Create good time for your business, set aside at least 6hours a day to work on your online business. If you have a job somewhere, please do not quit, an online business is very flexible and can be combined with other jobs as long as you manage your time properly and stay focused even though balancing the two can be very challenging.

Make one of the rooms in your house an office, one that is convenient and quiet and provides a working environment, ensure the doors are shut and you are not interrupted. Draw up a plan of what you want to do as this is going to help you stick to your budget and time frame. Identify the jobs you want to do that particular day and allocate hours.

A positive mindset is very important this time round, if you are negative about an online business then you better quiet before it’s too late .Research says that 90% of heart attacks occur in the morning when one remembers he is going to a job that he hates, you may just end up with a heart attack if you are negative.

You should know that for you to earn money you have to work for it. You need enough effort in this job for the dollars to start flowing. Do enough research in order to learn new business secrets .This can be very challenging for some people but that’s how hard business is.

Not all online businesses are thriving, the right business is one that is on demand and people are willing to spend money on. Provide information that people need about the products you want to promote. Do some good marketing for your product and services and make sure that you target the right market for your business.

Apart from online business, there are several others that you can choose to start for the New Year. Just like the online business, they can be run from the comfort of your home and make great profits as well. The issue here is to identify one that will be appropriate for you, besides you can even turn your hobby into a great business. Figure this out, if you love baking, why not make money out of it by baking some nice pastries and selling them in your neighborhood, you never know, it might just be the next big thing in business.

With business, you need to frequently check on the emerging issues to acquaint yourself with the current business trends in the market. One of the most current trends is having a website and informing your audience on every business idea you have. Come up with new and exciting articles and post them on your website for others to see, it is going to increase your exposure and also help you advertise your products.

The most important thing when starting a business for the new year is the mindset, right passion and the inner drive to succeed. With the right kind of tools you are good to go. The New Year is a year of success and making some crazy money, so you better embrace yourself for some hard work and dollars.

Start an online business

An online business is a venture that delivers business fully online. It can also include buying and selling or offering services online. An online business can be real fun and gets exiting every day, you work from home, set your own hours and you get to do your own projects, all these come with lots of income. Anyone can do this business; it exposes you to so many things and teaches you a lot.What’s more, you can do it on a part time basis to earn you more money and keep you busy or you can choose to do it on a full time basis and trust me , it will pay all your bills.

 The cost is very low, all you need is a laptop or a PC with internet connection and you are good to go, you always have access to the global markets and you always have the opportunity to make large profits. The only challenge is that you do not have direct contact with your clients, but this is not a huge problem since what you need to have between the two of you is trust and understanding.

The world has become a global village; you can be in Canada and doing business in the United States of America. Distance is no longer an issue when it comes to business, as long  you can do a good  job  remotely then  you can get some dollars to flow your way.

For you to succeed you need to plan properly for the type of business you intend to start. This is going to help you set the guidelines that will help your business grow. You must also have a clear direction, set goals that are achievable and stay focused.

An online business is always worth the time so long as you are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to succeed, just put in adequate effort. There is no hassle in this kind of business, you have everything at your fingertips and you do not have the stress of making calls to your clients every now and again.

An online business needs very little management, you are your own boss and there is nobody to follow you around that you have not met your targets, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your work properly. No special university training required, you just learn a few tips and you are good to go. There is also no need to hire workers that you will have to order around.

An online business is very flexible, you set your time frame and work at your own pace, you are also not stuck at one point, you can work from your house, coffee shop, or even a bus and you will still get businesses all over the world. You will also have some time for yourself, family and friends; you do not have   spend the whole day on your computer working yourself to death.

Start an online business today and see yourself grow in no time, it is very cheap and does not require large amounts of capital. Creating a website is also very cheap and you can always pay somebody to offer you with the services or you can do it yourself if you have the knowledge. You also need to identify a domain name which relates to what you are selling or the service you intend to offer.

With an online business, marketing is very easy; you can market on the internet where everybody is able to see, this is really   faster and measurable. This type of business that you can easily succeed in, just ensure the product you are selling is unique and should be in high demand. Attend adequate trainings to update you with emerging issues in the industry. Avoid get rich quick packages because some are out to con you of your hard earned money. You will realize that the more you work online the more your income earnings will increase and the more you become an expert.


How to start an online business

An online business is a venture that delivers business entirely online, it is also an extension of current business  with the internet being another channel to market. In short an online business is any that sells products or services on the internet and advertisement is the key source of revenue. It is a good lifestyle to run an online business because you work from home every day, how nice, uh! It is something that can generate you income for the rest of your life as long as you keep track of the rules of the game.

Many people are going into online business but the first question you should ask yourself is why you want to start the business. A university student who is struggling with school fees would want to start an online business to save for school fees. What about you, why would you want to start an online business? The key thing here is that you should have the inner drive.  After that the next question you should ask yourself, is how to start the online business?

Getting started is the main challenge here. The cost of capital is much lower just like the risk involved, but the most important thing you need to have is a positive attitude to help you through the process. Here are the few tips on how to start an online business;

  • You must have an idea of what you intend to do, decide on your core business, do you want to sell product, service or a combination of both? It should be something worth your energy and time and you are passionate about so that you do not lose interest along the way. Conduct a research on the internet to help you decide on the possible options, the good thing about online business is that it is very flexible and you can always change your business very easily, this breaks the monotony.
  • Take your time to read articles related to what you want to do that have been written by successful people who have online businesses, read as many  of them as possible to provide you with a wider knowledge.
  • Create a web page, it should have a name that is memorable and catches attention it should have a good search engine. You will need a good expert to help you with this.Marketing is very important in starting an online business; it helps to grow your business. You can write articles, banners and post them on your blogs, and you can also provide links. This is going to help your clients know more about what you are selling. You can also c a page on the social media sites like face book and twitter.
  •   You should create a customer base to enable you track your customers and capture their details. Create a good relationship with your customers because they are the ones who will introduce you to other customers and they are likely to purchase from you again. They say a satisfied customer will always come back.   In addition to this you can also join forums to hear others opinions concerning the core of your business.

I have given you the tips on how to start an online business; you should not only limit yourself to these options, there are other options you can consider that will help you start an online business an online business at very low cost and will still succeed. The most important thing in the online business is the consistency and how committed you are.