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We are offering a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your writing skill, your expertise and technical “KNOW HOW” as well as your comprehension and reach a unique and highly passionate bloggers that choose to read our blog, “Work From Home”

We would like to invite you to write a guest article as long as you follow a couple of simple guidelines. Just take a look at some of the great benefits of doing guest blogging…

Guest Blogging Benefits

  • Publicity – share your knowledge, experience and ability to write by getting exposed to our unique visitors this blog gets on a monthly basis.
  • Targeted Traffic – attract highly targeted visitors to your own blog or site by offering on topic post. Take our blog readers clicking your “byline” links by providing engaging content.
  • SEO Benefits – a bit of search engine optimization of your articles will give you benefits on one way incoming links from this blog, boosting your authority!
  • Social Media Publicity– each published blog post also gets automatically submitted to our Facebook, Twitter and other social sites providing you more exposure.
  • Long Term Benefits – your posts will be shown as RELATED posts and give you additional traffic long after it was published.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest blog post submission process is so simple and as long as you follow these guidelines, you can be assured that it will be posted here:

  • Relevant Content – to maximize the benefits of your article, it has to be on one of the topics covered on this blog to ensure good response. Simply look at the list of categories to decide what content should be submitted.
  • Unique and Exclusive Content – article has to be uniquely written for this blog and not published elsewhere and can’t be published anywhere else after approval. Failure to follow this simple rule will get your article deleted from database.
  • Up to 3 Links Per Article – you have 3 links with SEO’d anchor tags from your article and it could be from the body of article and Author Byline. You choose where to place the link, as long as you confirm to the rule.
  • No Product Reviews Or Blatant Promotion – self or affiliate promotions will not be accepted be it your product or someone else’s. You can include a link to site where you do those type of promotions but not linked directly.
  • Common Sense Rule – if your article fits the conversation topic of this blog, it will be approved. We moderate every post and comment and will not tolerate spam in any shape or form but welcome good contribution!
  • Author Byline – can include your image, real name  or your “nickname”. We recommend that at least one of the links from your byline should lead to a page where readers can learn more about you.
  • Publishing of the blog post will be done based on number of guest posts received. After your post or article is approved – it can be several days before it is actually published.

Once you completed submission using form available through link below, you will receive an email notification with its status as well as any status changes, such as published or rejected via email provided.

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