8 Tips for a successful career when you work remotely:

1. Create office hours for yourself

Make sure you build this into your life when you’re working for yourself and from home Many times we’ll be working and look up to see that it’s after 12 p.m. and we haven’t stopped! Make sure you work into your day a lunch  and maybe a tea/refreshment break, too.

2. Don’t wear your pajamas all day

OK, we’re not head-to-toe dressed for a work engagement, but we do get out of your pajamas. One huge perk of working from home, Instead, have your  breakfast, take your bath, get dressed. Then make a list of sensible tasks and get started for your day.

3. Skype

We can  Skype each other at least 3-4 times a week. this may be a great way to stay in check and also keep each other updated on what we have coming up and as well as going on.

4. Create a work space in your home

It’s important to make sure you have your own design work space. If you don’t have the space for an office, just create a beautiful space area that inspires you and where you know you’ll be able to get good work done. Having that space truly helps you to get much attention towards work.

5. Brainstorming sessions

These work really well for all, you can make  brainstorming sessions with business associates once a month. Try to  do this multiple times a week. We can share  on the phone or Skype and hash through some ideas to make something good ideas . It’s helpful to have someone work with at times to keep you creative and unique way.

6. Stay organized

One of the most important things we’ve learned is that staying organized is key. You want to make sure to organize yourself  for work stuff  just like you do everything else in your life.

7. Make sure your friends and family know your work schedule

It’s very important to make sure your family and friends know your working hours. sometimes, when you work from home, they think that you have the time for home-visit and calls. Just like you couldn’t take personal calls at work or have people stop for their visits, stay true to your work environment. You may not forget  those work hours you created to work? Make sure your working timings to everyone.

8. At-home helper

Many work-from-home  have  tough to try to keep up with their needs and your work needs, too. Our recommendation is to hire a helper for a few hour in a weekly bases. Key in on times when you know it will be helpful ( calls, deadlines of work etc). This is a great thing to help you be able to get work done.

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