How to Setup RSS Feeds to get the Latest Freelance and Work From Home Job Posting!

Being a Freelancer Online is a big challenge. Firstly because it is a very competitive field. A job posting may have at least 10 applicants or maybe up to hundreds of them!

BUT, being first on the list is one of the factor that you can be noticed by the clients or employers, whom are searching freelancers.

Now, I will be sharing you one of the tips on how to be the first to apply on a latest job posting from oDesk or Elance. We will use RSS Feeds to get the latest job posting on different online job listing websites. You may ask – “what is an RSS Feeds?”

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RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.


In this tutorial, we will be tackling two of the commonly used RSS readers, which are extensions or add-ons in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Using FeedSquare on Google Chrome

1. Create and log-in to your Google account.

2. Then go to Google Chrome Webstore and search for an RSS Reader extension.

3. In this tutorial, we will be using FeedSquare. Any RSS reader is OK. They basically works the same. So, select FeedSquares and install it in your Google Chrome browser.

4. Now, go to oDesk and browse for the specific category that you will be monitoring and look for the RSS icon on the upper right side corner, right click on the RSS button or  the “Subscribe” link and copy the link address.

5. Then go to Google Reader, and then click Add to Subscription. Paste the link from oDesk or Elance into the text box then press Add button.

6. Wait for a few seconds for the site to reload and then click on the Subscribe button.

7. Now, on the right-side of the address bar on your Google Chrome, click on FeedSquares pink button and configure the settings (it’s very east and straight-forward) and then “Save” your settings.

8. You will then notice the numbers in FeedSquares. That is the number of unread job postings from oDesk or Elance! Every subscription has a specific square. Click on it to view the job listings.

9. Once you open a square, it will look like this:

Grey Square/s means it has already been read. Green/Colored Squares means it’s an unread job postings. That’s all for Google Chrome’s FeedSquares RSS Reader. Next stop – Mozilla Firefox’s RSS Ticker!

1. Install the RSS Ticker Add-on on your Firefox browser.

2. Once installed, the add-ons dialog box will open. Click on the RSS Ticker Options.

3. Put checks on the following options under the General tab.

4. On the “Advanced” tab, change the time to 5 minutes, this is to make sure that the RSS Ticker will check for new job postings every 5 minutes.

5. [Optional] On the Feeds tab, highlight “Latest Headlines” and the press Remove Button.

6. Go to oDesk or Elance and search for the job you are targeting. Once you have the search result, just above the “Filter Results By:” click on the “RSS ATOM” or “Subscribe Link“.

7. Make sure to select “LIVE BOOKMARKS“, put check on “Always use Live Bookmarks to subscribe to feeds.” and press “Subscribe Now” button.

8. The dialog box below will show. Under the Folder, create a new folder and name it oDesk or Elance. All your RSS for oDesk/Elance must be placed on this folder. Then click Subscribe.

9. You should be able to see the tickers on the lower part of your Firefox browser.


I hope that with this tip, you can be able to land on your dream job being a Freelancer online! Should you need help, feel free to leave a comment.

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